By Rachel Estes Sun Staff Writer | Jul 13, 2020

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For drivers of electric vehicles, long-distance travel is a bit more complex than fueling up and hitting the road. Because their batteries require regular recharges, their routes are often mapped to stop by available charging stations along the way.

Without consistent access to these, electric drivers’ travels are characterized by “range anxiety,” the worry that the car’s battery life will run out and leave its driver and passengers stranded before reaching the destination or nearest charging point.

To remedy this predicament in the Grand Canyon state, Arizona Public Service (APS)’s pilot program Take Charge AZ is actively installing new charging stations throughout the company’s service area, and one of them is right here in Yuma.


Located at 2511 E. 24th Street, Print Zoom is in the final stages of installing two charging stations with four J1772 plug-in ports for electric drivers in the local community as well as those passing through by way of Interstate 8..

“Yuma’s a spot on the I-8 between Phoenix and San Diego that’s a business corridor,” said Print Zoom’s owner, Jon Perry. “We’re close to the freeway, so for a commuter coming through, I think our location would make a lot of sense for them to make a stop, maybe get an Uber and go to one of our local restaurants while their vehicle’s charging.”

Plus, as one of the 164 electric vehicle drivers in Yuma, Perry said partnering with the initiative seemed like an ideal fit.

According to APS spokesperson Jill Hanks, the stations at Print Zoom should be visible online and ready to plug into within the next couple of weeks.

Currently, there are about 14 of these “Take Charge” stations across the APS service area, with a dozen more in various phases of the process. By the end of 2020, the company’s goal is to have 50 in place.

“The idea is really to make ‘filling up the tank’ more convenient for electric vehicle drives, reduce carbon emissions and help local businesses, government agencies and nonprofits move into the fast lane toward their sustainability targets,” said Hanks. “There’s about 11,000 electric vehicles in the APS service territory, and that number is growing. We’re just trying to do our part to support that infrastructure that drivers need in order to have a good, reliable electric vehicle experience.”

To learn more about the Take Charge AZ initiative and how to apply to host a charging station at your local business, visit aps.come/takechargeaz.