The Print Party is an imaginary political party that is campaigning for it’s selected candidate.

How can your Imaginary Friends help this candidate get their name out there and get those votes?

2020 is an energetically charged election year and Imaginary Friends Design Studios (IF) and Print Zoom have teamed up for The Print Party Experiment. The Print Party is an imaginary political party that is campaigning for it’s selected candidate. This candidate wants to shine above all others in the upcoming election. How can your Imaginary Friends help this candidate get their name out there and get those votes? IF has come up with a plan for advertising and marketing 4 different areas: outdoor collateral, digital, swag and collateral marketing tools. You don’t have to be a political candidate to benefit from executing any of these free marketing strategies. Any business can improve their reach and visibility by creating a plan and executing these tools.

What is outdoor advertising collateral?

Outdoor marketing is a type of marketing that grabs the attention of people who are outside. This type of advertising depends on what type of surrounds are available outdoors. If you are in a city, park benches, buses or billboards might be available for hosting advertising. In residential areas yard signs might be more appropriate. People spend a lot of time outside their home and outdoor advertising is a powerful tool for reaching your prospective customers.

Yard Signs

Political yard signs are everywhere during election years. Yard signs show support for a brand or party and get your message across. People often look to other people for support when making a choice. If people see your company’s signs all over town, they will know that you are the right company to choose for the job. Yard signs are bright, weather resistant, attractive and eye catching. They are easy to clean, move and store. Print Zoom and Imaginary Friends can help your business make a colorful impact with yard signs.

Billboard Advertising

Another form of outdoor collateral the Print Party or any business can use to promote their cause is billboard advertising. Do you have a message you want to get across to the public? Imaginary Friends Design Studios can help you design a highly visible billboard to help you market to roadside traffic. Using a billboard will expand your brand awareness further than just the local community. Thousands of travelers and commuters of all different demographics will be exposed to your marketing campaign sometimes several times a day as they drive past your advertising. Billboard advertising is always visible and working for you 24/7/365. Its always working.

Vehicle Advertising

Aspiring political candidates and businesses can expand their brand with vehicle advertising. Turn your car, van or truck into a rolling billboard branded with your message. There are different options available like window decals, vinyl graphics and magnets. Imaginary Friends Design Studio can help you design a stunning and memorable logo for use with vehicle advertsing. Having a vehicle branded to your company can help increase trust public’s trust in your business as well as increase the visibility of your brand.

Bumper Stickers

Are you looking for impact at a lower cost? Bumper stickers might be the right choice for you. Bumper stickers are fun and easy to distribute. A good political candidate always has a bumper sticker. Imaginary Friends Design Studio can help you come up with a catchy bumper sticker design that might even go viral. People love bumper stickers and stick them everywhere. You never know where advertsing for your brand will show up when you use bumper stickers as a marketing tool. Bumper stickers are a cost effective tool that puts your customers to work for you.


Outdoor banners are an affordable tool for advertising a political party or business. They are bright, durable, movable, and high impact. Vinyl banners are easy to clean and store and do well in all types of weather. They, like billboards, are advertsing your brand 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Banners are a more affordable option than billboards, however. When this type of advertising is used in a high traffic area, it can really get the message across about your brand. For best effect, banners should use few words and have a strong, recognizable logo. Imaginary Friends and Print Zoom can help you design a logo and a banner that will improve brand recognition and get your company noticed.

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