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We are brand experts. Helping you achieve and understand that a brand goes beyond the Logo. It permeates through everything in your business from marketing material to customer service. Your brand is your visual & emotional perception to the world.


We will help you develop a campaign across multiple medias that integrate together. We use story driven media and interactive Call To Actions to find the easiest way to obtain new customers and clients.


Award winning graphic designers that can make your print stand out above the rest! Eye catching & informative; great design can convey your message to be easily understood and enjoyed by all potential readers.


Bringing the best modern, responsive web experience to your customers. Simple solutions, online interactivity and eCommerce solutions for computers, tablets and mobile. Your message is our mission!


Online engagement is the way of doing business now. Making sure your dialogue channels are accessible and how people are interacting with your brand will establish you as an industry leader. Let us show you the way.


1,000 words frozen in time, in a single frame. Impact your audience faster and more effectively with visual messages coupled with the right presentation. Vibrant, memorable, and smart. Your image and our presentation is a winning combination!

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Yuma Brand, Marketing and Design Experts

Jon Perry - Chief Geek

 Jon is THE Chief Geek of Imaginary Friends Design Studios. Jon began his design work teaching himself HTML while a senior in high school at Cibola in 1996 – effectively, building web sites for over 20 years! He received his Bachelor’s from Arizona State University in 2001, moved home to Yuma in 2002, and took over day to day operations for his family’s company, while, at the same time, founding Imaginary Friends Design Studios, which is now going into it’s 17th year serving Yuma! He enjoys spending his down time with his wife, daughter and 5 year old puppy. Close seconds are reading comics, traveling, watching movies, eating and drinking great food and spirits, playing video games, and immersing himself in pop culture. One can typically find Jon talking… a lot . Whether it’s about the current business trends, movies, or all things geek, it doesn’t matter – we all know Jon talks too much, but we love him anyways! Personal Tidbit: Jon proudly sports Malcolm Reynold’s dog tags and brown coat.

Melony Martin

Melony Martin

Brown Coat

Office Manager

Melony Martin is the office manager at Imaginary Friends Design Studios.Texas might have birthed Melony, but Illinois gave us the little firecracker we know today. The office ‘mom’ -ager came in like a wrecking ball to shake things up and help drive the team to an elevated standard. Judge her not by her size, though, because she can sass with the best of them and her ‘mom finger’ comes locked & loaded . If something goes awry, you can be sure Melony will be there to straighten things up.

2511 E 24th St,Ste A,Yuma,Arizona,85365
Anahi Rubio Barrera

Anahi Rubio Barrera


Graphic Designer

Goes by Ana for short. Ana was raised in Yuma, Arizona since the age of 8. She grew up with an interest in traditional art and illustration. Along the way she deviated from traditional art mediums and started gaining interest in the creation of digital art and design. She chose to pursue a major in graphic design at Arizona Western College and later transferred to Northern Arizona University, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications in the spring of 2017. Ana likes anime and blasting Korean pop or Japanese rock to get her creative wheel turning.

2511 E 24th St,Ste A,Yuma,Arizona,85365
Pete Wendt

Pete Wendt


Print Tech

Pete Wendt is a different individual and he embraces his abstractness. He was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and migrated to Arizona in 2000. Creating things is the oxygen that keeps him alive. Self taught, from art and music, to customizing cars and he sure enjoys cheap beer. These are some of the things that Pete loves most.


2511 E 24th St,Ste A,Yuma,Arizona,85365
Dawn Summerall

Dawn Summerall


Wordpress Developer

Dawn Summerall is a Wordpress Developer at Imaginary Friends Design Studios. She recently moved to Yuma, AZ from Fargo, ND but, she was born and raised in the deep south. She graduated in March of 2019 with a BS in Computer Science and is the newest web developer at Imaginary Friends Design Studios. Dawn loves modular design, symbolism and icons and augmented reality. She's also a published author and visual artist. The girl paints and is inspired by eclectic artists like Yayoi Kusama, Keith Haring and Margaux Lange. Dawn has way too many cats.

2511 E 24th St,Ste A,Yuma,Arizona,85365

Think left and think right and think low and think high.
Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!

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