The Print Party is an imaginary political party that is campaigning for it’s selected candidate.

How can your Imaginary Friends help this candidate get their name out there and get those votes?

2020 is an energetically charged election year and Imaginary Friends Design Studios (IF) and Print Zoom have teamed up for The Print Party Experiment. The Print Party is an imaginary political party that is campaigning for it’s selected candidate. This candidate wants to shine above all others in the upcoming election. How can your Imaginary Friends help this candidate get their name out there and get those votes? IF has come up with a plan for advertising and marketing 4 different areas: outdoor collateral, digital, swag and collateral marketing tools. You don’t have to be a political candidate to benefit from executing any of these free marketing strategies. Any business can improve their reach and visibility by creating a plan and executing these tools.

What are tchotchke and swag?

Tchotchke and swag are freebies or promotional items that are given away to customers or potential customers as a way of increasing brand awareness and customer connection. Giving swag to your customers will put your customers to work for you. They will wear, use, drink out of and write with objects that are branded with your logo. The recipient of swag items will constantly see your brand and be reminded of your business. Others will see your customer wearing the swag and become aware of your company and your brand recognition and business reputation will strengthen.


Political candidates often use drinkware to promote their cause. Potential voters are awarded swag items such as drink coozies, mugs and sports bottles to help spread the word about the political candidate. This can also work for your business. Why use drinkware as a promotional item? It will get used. Drinkware is used by everyone and it is not gender specific. Gifting drinkware to business partners or customers will bring your business to mind everytime they see or use the item. If they drink item is attractive and of good quality the receiver will use and cherish the item as a gift. Imaginary Friends and Print Zoom can help you create beautiful promotional items to give your clients and customers. We can help you unlock the power of swag by designing items your customers will love.


Promotional stationary like note pads and pens are an important tool for promoting political awareness. A candidate can give away these useful items in swag bags at rallies or use them at their campaign headquarters as branded office supplies. Stationary items serve a two part role in promoting your brand. When used as a give away item, they create brand loyalty and increase brand recognition. They will be used by the recipient in their day to day life. This keeps your business ever present in their mind even if only at a sublminial level. The second role these types of items play comes into action when you use them in your own workplace. Stationary items branded with your company’s logo can promote a sense of solidarity within the company and it can increase the morale in your workplace. These branded items will kick you company’s image up a notch in the eyes of your customers and employees. Imaginary Friends and Print Zoom can help you design a great logo for use on note pads, pens, stress balls and more.


Wearable swag like t-shirts and hats are affordable promotional items that work well for political candidates because they create a feeling of camaraderie or team spirit when wore by people in a group. T-shirts and hats are not only great promotional items that people will be excited to receive but, they have a secondary super power of increasing the morale and brand loyalty of the people you give these items to. Simple wearable items with a logo of three colors or less are an affordable marketing item for your company. These types of items turn your customers into walking advertisements for your brand. If the shirts are good quality, your customers will wear them for years to come. You can also create wearables for your employees to strengthen your team’s morale, loyalty and fellowship. Print Zoom and Imaginary Friends are experts in designing logos and transforming existing logos into print friendly formats. Let us help you design your next batch of wearable marketing items.


Tchotchkes are promotional items that come in many different forms. They can be anything from tote bags and frisbees to desk accessories and hand sanitizer bottles. Today, an aspiring political candidate has the ability to brand any type of item they can imagine with their political identity. This can include socially relevent items like face masks and items branded as eco-friendly. Tchotchkes can be very affordable and they will improve your brand recognition and reach. But, a stronger reason to use them is because they allow the values or culture of your company to shine through. The types of promotional items you choose can let your customers see your company’s personality. Creating a marketing item like golf balls branded with your logo makes a statement about your brand and the types of people you are marketing to. Let Imaginary Friends and Print Zoom help you to get the most out of using tchotchkes for marketing. We have some great ideas we’d like to share with you.

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