What’s On Our Bookshelf?

7 Levels of Communication
By Michael J. Maher

This book is a parable about a real estate agent questioning his career choice and how a chance encounter with a networking mortgage professional changed his career.  I would recommend this book to anyone in service or sales and show them another way of doing business with others. This book had so much good actionable content. It referenced other books to read, it has online components for review to assist your own business, from scripts to thought processes. If you practice some of the guidelines in this book, it can help change your own mindset.

I’ve read this book multiple times, several years apart. I pulled something radically different out of it each time. The first time I read the book, I took the concept of stacked lunches. On my most recent re-read of the 7 Levels of Communication, I discected the book and made a sub task of all the actionable content, such as 1st and 10, appreciation points, affirmations and more. I was so impressed I’m developing a planner based upon the content for my personal/professional use.