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A Letter of Gratitude

Dear Yuma,

I am so grateful to you! It has been 20 years since you allowed me to start serving you and communities like you with my business Imaginary Friends design studios. After growing up here, going to Ronald Reagan, Crane Jr. High, and Cibola High, I continued my education at Arizona State.

After surviving a couple of months in the hospital, in 2002 I moved back to Yuma to take over the day-to-day operations of my family’s business and to expand upon the freelance work I was doing.  To make it more official, I registered the Name Imaginary Friends design studios, with an eye toward the future.

Since 2002 Imaginary Friends has assisted small businesses with logos, branding, mailings, signs, wraps, social media, banners, programs, mailers, websites, email, marketing campaigns and so much more.

During the pandemic, I was happy to partner with the Arizona Community Foundation to help bring the #YumaStrong campaign to everyone’s lawn. Imaginary Friends also assisted those high schools whose diplomas were held up due to shutdowns and provided seniors with something they could hold on their graduation day.

In May of this year, Imaginary Friends had its 20th Anniversary Celebration. In traditional geeky fashion, it was a Marvel Movie night at the local Harkins, complete with Orange Carpet and a special limited edition movie ticket. A welcome night off from the hustle of being an entrepreneur for most of our friends and clients.

It has been an amazing and educational 20 years so far and I’m looking forward to Imaginary Friends serving the community and other rural communities for another 20 years to come.

Your humble Imaginary Friend,

-Jon Michael Perry
President & Founder
Imaginary Friends design studios