Team Page Content Requirements

Planning Your Team Page

Does your website need a team page? If you have many employees with individual contact information, you should consider creating a team page.  Team pages require a lot of content and information. A team page generally includes a photo of each team member, a short bio and contact information like a website, email or phone number. If you are going to need a team page, then you will need to provide your web designer with all of this material. If you need your team page sorted by company rank, you will also need to provide a ranking structure and a position or title for each team member.

For example, Imaginary Friends Design Studios was recently tasked with creating a team page for Academy Mortgage here in Yuma. They have many team members. Each loan officer has their own contact information and NMLS number. The team members are grouped and sorted by their position with the company and there is a head shot type profile photo associated with each team member. Creating a team member page can be done manually or with the use of a plugin. Since this is a WordPress site we were able to use a team member plugin. Using a plugin enables us to add a team member as an item that can be turned on or off. If the employee leaves, changes position or has changes in contact information, it is very easy to update their profile. You just change the info within the team member’s profile item and WordPress plugin will automatically add the changes to the front end and style them. Having a team member page like this helps give the website a professional feeling and makes finding contact information easier for existing and potential customers.

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Team Page Content Requirements