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DIY Office Design Tips

On facebook I’ve been putting together a simple list of tricks and techniques for improving design of documents when generated by standard document software. Every so often I’ll summarize a few of those posts here! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Tips for DIY in office Design #1) Do not center justify…

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Old Town Cellar Gets a Face Lift

   Back in 2003 I walked into the Old Town Wine Cellar in downtown Yuma. It was a delight for me to have an honest to goodness wine shop in Yuma, although I really didn’t know much about wine at the time (not saying I know much more now). The proprietor of the place, Mike…

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A Tale of Two Watch Bands

Let me start out with what should be an obvious disclosure. It is ridiculously easy to play Monday morning quarterback, even easier still when one has no skin in the game. With that being said I’ve been able to observe for the last several weeks the remarkable success and the puzzling conundrum of two remarkable…

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