Planning Website Management and Users

Who Needs Access to Your Site?

Every WordPress site has users. There could be just one user who has administrative privledges and creates all the content and manages every aspect of the website. There could be more than one user and all those users can have different abilities and priveleges. Will you be managing your website alone? Will other people be developing content for you or taking care of your website? You can create users with specific roles or permissions. You should map out exactly who will be doing what on your site. For example, let’s say you have a person who will write articles for your website that will be shared across social media. You don’t want this person to have access to the entire site. You just want them to be able to write posts, manage posts and share the posts to Facebook. You can asign this person a user role that only allows them to do these things. It keeps you in control and keeps your website safe.

Some people are very hands on and once their website is up and running they want to manage every aspect of it in house or by themselves. Other people don’t have the time or inclination to keep up with managing a website. If you require someone to create a website for you and then manage the website, that is an option. Hiring a person to manage an existing website is also something that exists. Imaginary Friends Design Studios offers both of these services. Please, contact us if you need help managing your website.

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Planning Website Management and Users