Old Town Cellar Gets a Face Lift

Back in 2003 I walked into the Old Town Wine Cellar in downtown Yuma. It was a delight for me to have an honest to goodness wine shop in Yuma, although I really didn’t know much about wine at the time (not saying I know much more now). The proprietor of the place, Mike Shelhamer, was kind enough to allow me to do some work for them, in exchange for an education in Wine. We made his cards and programmed his first mail list, as well as implemented a much more robust service when the list grew out of it’s initial capacity. We advised upon the domain www.yumawine.com, and that minor investment alone has paid extremely well in the web real estate since then!

Fast forward now several years people told Mike he should get a web site, well he had one, however it was simple, just had the office hours, phone number, address. That version of the site was all that he needed for the time. Wine is quite the luxury and life style commodity and the need to expand did not make fiscal sense… until last year.

With no desire to rush Mike wished to duplicate the simplicity of the one page site, but include some more content. The news letter archive needed to be available, directions to his shop clearer, and to tie into the social media outlets that he has started to use to keep in contact with his customers. It should have a face lift, and also be easy to manage for him. Mike did not want to learn HTML, and I can not blame him one bit. Slowly this site came together and we are pleased that Mike is happy with the outcome. Thank you very much for your continued patronage these past 8 years, looking forward to working with you many more!