We offer 3-D virtual tours for businesses and real estate properties.

What is Matterport?

Matterport is…

A Matterport is a photography device that can capture the interior of buildings to provide customers with an interactive 3D floor plan they can navigate online to view a business, location or real estate property. Customers can navigate the 3D space as if they were walking around the building. The virtual space is hot spot enabled to allow for clickable links in special areas to provide more information about the product or property feature the hot spot is placed on. Customers are able to view your property from the comfort of home and see what you have to offer.

How can Matterport help my business?

Business is changing…

Matterport helps bridge the gap between e-commerce and physical retail. Customers can view your virtual store 24 hours a day and explore your business and see what you have to offer. Customers are able to click on your products to find out more about the items or what sales or promotions may be available for the item. Clicking on an item in the virtual store could also take the customer to the product page of an e-commerce site where they could purchase the item. Virtual stores also provide accessibility for customers who are not able to visit your physical store due to health or mobility restraints. Matterport is a great tool that showcases your physical and online locations and helps to bring them together with 24/7 availability. 

Matterport and real estate?

3D virtual tours can increase commissions…

Blow prospective buyers away with Imaginary Friends’ Online Home Showcase! Allow buyers to explore a property at anytime in 4k HD. Provide convenience and high quality visuals in 3 different views: Dollhouse, Floorplan and Inside View. All this at an affordable price for you! We Provide you with a link that you can upload to, and other popular MLS sites. It will create a button right on your listing so you can show your Online Home Showcase. People are more likely to call about properties with 3D virtual tours.

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