Emily Whitesmith
Apple isn’t killing Flash. It’s hard for me to say that, but it isn’t true. Flash instead has fallen on it’s own sword. Once the web darling of interactive content, with the emergence of CSS3, HTML5 and more advanced JavaScript code Flash is finding itself archaic. It is not that the tool is bad, just what 80% of what people used it for can be done better in native code than this plug-in resource hog.
Marie Catribs
Back in 1995 when it was simply Future Splash Animator, it was a 27kb plug in for web browsers in an era where 56kbps was considered lightning fast. It allowed vector technology to animate and become interactive. Pictures were no longer still! As it matured it allowed audio and video amongst other robust interactive technologies.
PLUSMOINS   Web site’s still used it at it’s least common denominator… making picture slide shows or buttons. And as it’s aged, it has become more of a resource hog on the ever improving computer power we’ve come to expect.
There is a place for Flash in interactive media, I strongly believe that, however for basic web site necessities I think Apple may have “gotten it right”. Here are 5 web site’s I think support great interactiveness with out Flash technology.
Lucino & Gene