Do You Have Hosting or a Domain Name?

Domain Name

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Your website needs a domain name like or Do you have an existing domain? Do you already have a domain picked out and do you know if it is available. Your website will also need to be hosted somewhere. Do you currently have a web host? Do you need one? We can help with that if you need hosting or a domain name.

If you don’t have an existing domain name, you can go to sites like or NameCheap and type different domain names into the search bar to see if those names are taken. Once you find a name you like, you can purchase that domain name. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to obtain a domain name for a year. It should be under $15 or $20. You can configure your website to point at this domain. You can do it yourself if you have the know-how or we can do it for you. Choosing the right domain name is very important also. Common choices for a domain name include the name of the business (like, a regional approach (like or something fun or memorable (like Do a little research and find something that will represent you or your business.

Do you need a website host? Your website has to reside somewhere. There are many companies out there that offer hosting. We also offer hosting at Imaginary Friends Design Studios. The cost of hosting is usually under $200 a year but, it can be higher depending on your bandwidth and storage needs and the traffic your site will generate. If you are a large corporation with many people using your site per month your hosting will, of course, cost more.

Deciding on a host and a domain name before time will help the rest of your website fall into place. Knowing exactly what the site will be called and what types of logos and branding materials you will need is a big step in creating a cohesive website and brand.

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Do You Have Hosting or a Domain Name?