On facebook I’ve been putting together a simple list of tricks and techniques for improving design of documents when generated by standard document software. Every so often I’ll summarize a few of those posts here! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Tips for DIY in office Design #1) Do not center justify everything. Yes it might stand out, but its naturally harder to read since it doesn’t have a consistent return point (right or left) on the page. You are better to block your text and place that in the middle if you really feel the need to “center” it all. 

Which looks better to you:




I think it presents itself quite well.

Tips for DIY in office Design #2) Did you know that Microsoft Office allows you to play with the spacing of fonts? This can create some white space to make your verbiage read easier and crisper. Also try not to use more than 3 fonts on a full page of paper, it makes it harder to read for your potential customer.
Tips for DIY Office Design #3) Office type programs can do more than you think. Make your presentation engaging, spend some time thinking about it. Or spend approximately 250 man hours and turn it into an animation studio:

Long story short, don’t just go with basic templates & make your presentation engaging. Wow factor trumps data every day of the week.