The Print Party is an imaginary political party that is campaigning for it’s selected candidate.

How can your Imaginary Friends help this candidate get their name out there and get those votes?

2020 is an energetically charged election year and Imaginary Friends Design Studios (IF) and Print Zoom have teamed up for The Print Party Experiment. The Print Party is an imaginary political party that is campaigning for it’s selected candidate. This candidate wants to shine above all others in the upcoming election. How can your Imaginary Friends help this candidate get their name out there and get those votes? IF has come up with a plan for advertising and marketing 4 different areas: outdoor collateral, digital, swag and collateral marketing tools. You don’t have to be a political candidate to benefit from executing any of these free marketing strategies. Any business can improve their reach and visibility by creating a plan and executing these tools.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing targeted at electronic devices. Some examples of digital marketing are social media advertising, websites, SEO and email marketing.


In this day and age, every political candidate and business needs a website. The website needs to be not just mobile friendly but mobile first. Websites must be easy to use on mobile devices or you may lose business. Having a great website gives legitimacy to a business. If visitors have a great experience on your website, they will have more faith in your company to get the job done right. Imaginary Friends Design Studios specializes in WordPress websites. These types of sites have great security and allow many different functionalities to be added in so you can provide the services your customers need from your website. Even a simple budget website can get the message across and provide an online presence for a small business or grassroots political candidate.

Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter provide a great forum to promote a political candidate or show off your expertise in your field. Sharing posts and imagery realated to your business can expose more people to your brand and give your company a voice. Your customers can subscribe to your feed to keep up to date with the latest events, products, and specials your company has to offer. Some users will be notificed and receieve notifications on their devices when you create a new post. If your content is engaging and informative, your subscribers may share your posts and increase your area of advertising. Social sharing can result in an organic viral marketing campaign. Your posts will take off and reach an audience you never knew you had. Imaginary Friends Design Studios can help your company with social media integration and marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an easy to use tool for a political candidate who wants to keep their supporters informed about upcoming rallies and fund raising events. It can also be an invaluable asset for your website. A website that has a newsletter signup form can generate email leads to use for future email marketing. You can substantially grow your list of leads by implementing a simple signup form on your website. Imaginary Friends Design Studios can help you design a great newsletter and get your started on the road to email marketing. People who sign up for a newsletter are already interested in what you have to offer. Sending out a monthly newsletter can reignite interest in your business and remind your subscribers of what services you provide and inform them about what specials are currently avaiable.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What good is a great political campaign website if no one ever sees it? You can have the best website in the world and if it is not SEO strong it will not rank on Google. There are many ways to improve the SEO of your website. One of the most important things you can do is ensure that your website is mobile friendly. Imaginary Friends Design Studios can help you create a website that is mobile friendly. We can also help you increase the ranking of each of your content pages with the help of tools and keyword optimization. Using SEO helps your customers get to your website. Understanding what search keywords will lead your customers to your site is vital. Having content on your site that search engines can correlate to customer searches is also very important. If search engines don’t find relevant content on your site, you will not rank as high and customers who are searching for services you offer will be referred to other sites. We can help you to achieve SEO success.

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