Creating Content for a Contact Page

Contact Page


Nearly every website needs a contact page. But, creating a contact page requires a little more leg work than you would think it does. Do you need a map? Gone are the days when you could just simply embed a Google Map into a website. You must have a Google Maps API key to have maps on your site. You can set up this account before work on your site begins. You can visit this site to get started setting up your maps API: . In addition to a map, you will need to have your physical address, phone number, email, fax, websites and hours of operations.

Some websites require a more elaborate contact page than others. Arizona Gold & Silver Company now has three locations. Their contact page needed to provide the basic information for three different physical sites. We created a page that has a map, address, contact info and the hours for each store. In addition to this basic information, we also included a newsletter signup form and links to Arizona Gold & Silver’s social media sites. Arizona Gold & Silver is also a little unique because on top of the basic contact page they have a chat module that is incorporated into every page of their website. This module links to a phone application and an email to provide the point of contact for AZ Gold & Silver to receive and respond to live chats in real time. 

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Creating Content for a Contact Page