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Free (mostly) Tools to keep small businesses productive and profitable.

What A Ride!Earlier this week Imaginary Friends design studios had a booth and attended the first DigitalSMB Expo in Yuma, AZ. For a first effort in a field that is sorely needed in our rural community it was a rousing success by my gauge. We look forward to participating for many expos to come!The week […]

DIY Office Design Tips

On facebook I’ve been putting together a simple list of tricks and techniques for improving design of documents when generated by standard document software. Every so often I’ll summarize a few of those posts here! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Tips for DIY in office Design #1) Do not center justify […]

Flash isn’t dead, it’s just getting irrelevant.

   Apple isn’t killing Flash. It’s hard for me to say that, but it isn’t true. Flash instead has fallen on it’s own sword. Once the web darling of interactive content, with the emergence of CSS3, HTML5 and more advanced JavaScript code Flash is finding itself archaic. It is not that the tool is bad, just […]

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